1# Why are we here?
1# Why are we here?

1# Why are we here?

What brought you to this humble, still empty blog today?

It is curiosity about something that has probably been with you for many years. Most of us have known the history of Terranigma since childhood, as I do. We accompanied a small, pixelated character with wild red-blonde hair and a blue crystal spear on her unusual journey through the underworld. We fought to revive the world we knew and traveled with it around the globe and over time.

We tore the once submerged continents from the oceans, prepared the breeding ground for fauna and flora, walked between light and shadow and treaded the paths of fate. And during all of this we witnessed and became part of the technical progress made for example by e.g. Alexander Graham Bell or Thomas Alva Edison.

But it all started with a dream and a blue door that carried us off into a game world that still accompanies us 25 years later and exerts its influence on us when it comes to questions of morality, for example. Quite a few wrote in videos and articles that the end of the Soulblazer trilogy and the associated SNES era had a lasting effect on personal development. There is an article in the Kotaku video game magazine called “A Goat Made Me Cry In Terranigma.” Although I can no longer say for sure whether my young Anno 1998 self did the same back then, that section stuck in my head all these years until I was able to relive the game as an emulation a good ten years later. And now, while I am writing these lines, I can see on Twitter how the players from the very beginning are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the game by showing themselves with specially fanmade articles, small figures, jewelry, fanart, animations and of course detailed Cosplays.

And we still hear the compositions, which are not only outstanding for their time, while Ark walks through the underworld for the first time, the zodiac signs pass by in the background and the snow trickles over Eurasia, which has just been torn from the water. Today we are still enthusiastically discovering new remastered versions on Youtube up to complete albums, as if we were dealing with a current series of games from the nextgen consoles. Even on Twitch, the platform for trends and hypes, there is always a speedrunner who runs from tower to tower and city to city over and over again.

The world knows Zelda, but we also have Terranigma and wonder what could have been if the legendary Quintet development team had continued their work. Now it is up to us to keep their world alive with new songs and stories and maybe even to enrich it with new facets.

This blog is dedicated to the creation of a Terranigma-based novel that stands on its own two feet. Accompany and support me in the continuous work on this heart project, on which it can one day be shared by reading-loving Terranigma fans all over the world.

Thanks a lot!

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