9# Motivation [EN]
9# Motivation [EN]

9# Motivation [EN]

The months of May and June went differently than planned and as I announced in the previous blog post at the end of April. Instead of pushing Ark through the palace in Tordesillas every day, I succumbed to a recurring lethargy of writing. My only reader did not pull herself up to read the next section for a long time, the hoped-for feedback in the blog was missing and I apparently couldn’t inspire anyone else with my project. Since I knew phases like this, I didn’t worry, because after a break of several weeks and months I would find my self-motivation again, which has finally driven me so far to write a book for over 10 years that maybe only I would read it completely and find it good. I even made small adjustments in between, took notes and expanded the music selection until everything should finally get better again in July.

Finally my wife has read the finished section and a delicate flower should bloom again elsewhere. Kamui Fujiwara began to create and publish old and new Terranigma drawings and he succeeded, which I was unable to do with my daring announcement of a novel based on Terranigma. He revived the Terranigma community, which was hidden from my eyes and slumbering, and awakened a spirit of optimism in me and everyone else. The love and enthusiasm for Terranigma lives and will never go away, regardless of whether someone is really looking forward to my project and hoping for something out of it. And that’s good. To see how all the drawings and hopes for continued existence are shared pulled me out of my low motivation and back to my desk.

Shortly afterwards there were those special moments again when I get a great inspiration from something tiny and combine everything that is already firmly anchored in my head and notes into something new. I’m already rearranging the next chapters, adding everything that changes direction, playing through the process in my mind and feeling the tingling sensation on my skin that makes me hardly wait for the next day so that I can realize this vision and look at my work with satisfaction. And already two chapters of Ark’s stay in the palace of the Spanish queen are over and I can already see the next two surrender in the coming week. But of course I know that the next break is not far away and so I try to keep the current momentum going as far as possible.

And what is Ark actually doing?

After the audience with the queen, which included the future of the prisoner Christopher Columbus, Ark was asked to spend the night in the palace. He is said to have access to the prisoner the next morning. He spends the time leading up to the banquet in the large palace library, which is modeled on the interior of Yomi’s Box. There he discovered interesting, such as a ominous book by a so-called Roberto Jordano, the equally real chronicles from the time of Queen Joanna and particularly relevant, the log book for Christopher Columbus’ first voyage, which I have read through for this purpose, but also for the character itself. One thing can already be said: The actions and motives of Columbus are critically questioned in the course of the story.

“Instead, he opens the Genoese book, curious to learn more about the man who is so eagerly awaited in his former port, so that generals, admirals and alleged ambassadors also dare the utmost for his sake.”

But there is one more book, more impressive and strange than any other, which Ark deeply worries before he is called to the banquet, where he meets some no less strange guests. But the night is still young and I can’t help but think of the following sentence “What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse”. Because whatever seems so simple and pleasant to Ark should soon be seen in a different light.

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