8# Current status
8# Current status

8# Current status

In the post “5 # The Show Must Go On” I reported on the section that is currently in progress, in which Ark travels across Spain to the palace of the Spanish Queen, who is notorious as crazy. This journey is now complete. 7 chapters and around 70 pages later, including a short Fyda chapter in the Holy Roman Empire, our hero has reached his destination and entered the palace in Tordesillas.

And now that all gates are open to him, he still hesitates. He feels like he’s between two worlds. Sometimes bitter and cheerful, radiantly light and again deeply dark. But the other, piling up in front of him and calling out to him, is a world of horror stories, in which people who have been deprived of their freedom experience terrible suffering and a murderous queen mourns at her husband’s open coffin every night, while during the day she wipes out entire villages.

Will she take away his meager charade or will she put him in dungeon with the Genoese for the rest of his life, whom he has set out to liberate?

What’s next in the book?

So the next big section deals with Ark’s stay in the palace of Tordesillas. According to current planning, there are 6 chapters in which there are a lot of dialogues and stories. Boooooring. Numerous profound topics are dealt with, such as poverty/injustice, witchcraft, cultures and religion. We learn a lot about the nature and the past of the queen, who from here on established herself as one of the great main characters. In the final chapter “THE TEMPEST” we finally learn what the future fate of Ark and the two captured Genoese will be like. I’m really looking forward to this chapter because I’ve come up with something special for it, by switching back and forth between the events at three locations that are accompanied by a special piece of music. At the moment I don’t even know whether the scene can work without the music, but my future self is allowed to find out. Partial similarities to Shakespeare’s the tempest can be seen as an homage.

What is the next step in the project?

I proofread the 70 pages again and put them through an additional spelling test piece by piece. I also check the accompanying music on the basis of its length, dramaturgical correctness and volume. In this section I have extended pieces of music again and in one case also added sounds to them. Last but not least, the visual fine-tuning of the book pages and the post-production is through.
Hopefully my wife and only reader will read the section through soon and, as always, in order not to hurt my feelings, will be found to be good: D
One of the chapters is staged particularly emotionally, so I’m excited to see if I can pull a tear out of her with it. I don’t really believe in it, and I’m cautiously skeptical that a book can do that. Exceptions prove the rule.
As always after a completed section, I don’t start working on the next chapters straight away, but treat myself to a creative break in which I let myself be inspired by everything and everyone. The chapters are already quite packed with notes, dialogues and specific scenes, but they can be expanded or replaced at any time before I unfortunately have to throw some content off board while writing. Often these are paragraphs, for example with the heading “Note from September 2016”.

Without writing in the evening or at night, there is more time for video games, films, books and art. Good times 😀

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